The competitive stakes in the global economy have never been higher. To succeed, companies must continue to grow while maintaining high levels of efficiency and effectiveness. Companies must hone their core capabilities, differentiate themselves in the marketplace, and be flexible to manage constant change.


Cost Efficiency and Effectiveness: ReedITC helps companies identify opportunities to modify cost models to release funds for other opportunities.  This is accomplished through the use of industry benchmarks and other cost models, to ensure the client is realizing the increased value from monies expended.

Outsourcing: Outsourcing is a challenge for many organizations. Some fail to gain the anticipated benefits because they fail to adjust their management model, or they have difficulty managing vendors. ReedITC helps companies succeed by determining what areas of the business to outsource, how to optimize costs and scale, how to choose the best vendors, and how to effectively manage the vendor partnership.

Sourcing and Procurement: Cost containment has a strategic role to play for companies, giving those who are successful a competitive advantage.  ReedITC helps clients define the critical skills needed by procurement, how costs can be reduced without impacting the supplier or product quality, what best practices need to be implemented, and how to manage procurement risk. 

Controls and Risk Management: Companies need risk management strategies and controls to minimize significant and varied business risks. ReedITC helps organizations look objectively at business risks and put in place the proper policies and controls to mitigate these effectively.

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