Program Management

As your Program Management expert, ReedITC leads your teams to improve delivery. We focus on driving on-schedule, on-budget, quality delivery. Our approach includes identifying executable options; advising and providing the expertise and resources to deliver chosen solutions; and managing the program to achieve a competitive advantage.


Program Management Office: ReedITC delivers core competencies within the PMO to manage and deliver successful programs, operational performance improvements, and delivery. This includes industry best practices for governance, reporting, and risk management.  

Program and Project Triage & Health Checks: Large, complex programs and projects are always at risk. The consequences can be significant, damaging the company's reputation and diminishing shareholder value. ReedITC uses techniques to identify program and project challenges and quickly acts to restore the program or project to an acceptable level of viability.

Enterprise Portfolio Management and Governance: ReedITC also deploys robust governance to improve the visibility of programs and projects across an organization, ensuring resources are efficiently and effectively deployed and teams are collaborating successfully.  

Global Programs: ReedITC helps companies to be market leaders in a global environment by defining and executing global programs. ReedITC has the experience and resources to move major companies from "multi-national" to global, and understands the necessary changes required to achieve this shift.

Communications: ReedITC has extensive experience with global organizations. We offer proven tools and techniques to ensure that teams are effectively working together, program and project results are effectively communicated, and their collective actions make a positive impact on the bottom line.

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